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Swiss Government offsets with atmosfair

Swiss Government offsets its business travel emissions – with atmosfair


Thereby the atmosfair carbon offset projects repeatedly convinced the Swiss as well as the German Government.

In spring 2016 atmosfair already won the German Government's public tendering for business travel offset. The project ‚biogas plants for household energy‘ in Nepal also convinced the Swiss Government, which as well offsets its business travel emissions.


Dung is added and mixed with water in the biogas plant


In the projects framework Nepalese families receive biogas plants fuelled by e.g. the dung of two cows. The dung is mixed with water and collected in digestion tanks. By anaerobic digestion gas is produced, which is collected at the plants head and led to the gas cookers via pipes. Therefore families with biogas plants do not need any firewood. This results in significantly reduced smoke generation indoors, which also helps prevent lung diseases. Above all concerning the collection of firewood this means a saving of time for the women, who can now pursue other activities. You can find more information on this project here: Nepal project

The public tendering was asking for projects certified by strict UN criteria and Gold Standard. This ensures e.g. sustainable CO2-offset and the carbon offset projects help for the local population. All requirements were met by the atmosfair-project – a nice acknowledgment for our carbon offset projects quality.

Meals are prepared reliably and smokeless with the biogas