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Efficient stoves for Fair Trade Teagarden

The success of our cookstove project in India is unbroken. In addition to the Region of West Bengal, atmosfair started a collaboration with a partner in the tea growing region of Assam. The Fairtrade certified teagarden plans to distribute efficient cookstoves to its workers. This creates a win-win situation for everyone: For the tea garden workers the stove creates healthier and cleaner living conditions, since it emitts less smoke during cooking and needs less firewood. Additionally the workers will have an extra income from the sales of the charcoal the stove produces during cooking. The tea gardens on the other hand reduce the pressure on the shadow trees of the tea plantation and generate a stable supply of Biochar without high transportation cost, which they can use to dry the tea leaves.

On July 20th our partner from Sapient Infotech, Mounildu Banerjee, presented the project to the local population, to collect their input an opinions. These meetings are obligatory for Gold Standard Projects, but they also deliver interesing new insights and ideas for the further development of the project for atmosfair. Moulindu Banerjee was excited about the meeting: “What followed to the presentation was beyond my wildest imaginations. The communities adapted to the stove right from day one in an unimaginable manner. They could light he stove perfectly, use it well and use the flame control. They cooked, rice, dal, fish, meat, fries, leafy vegetables with unmatched ease and efficiency.”

So we are ready to start, the foundation for a successful project expansion has been laid.