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Confirmation of CO2 reductions for Lesotho project

Berlin / Maseru, August 2016. For the fourth time since the start of the Lesotho project, the Secretariat of the United Nations Climate Change Convention confirmed the achieved CO2 reductions. Last year, the project reduced a total of 24,777 tonnes of CO2. In total, 10,000 households contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and deforestation through the use of the efficient Save80 cook stove.

In a multistage process the Secretariat reviews various project documents, in order to assess and confirm the achieved CO2 reductions. A central document is the final verification report from an independent audit organization that is also accredited by the UN. In March this year auditor Feng from Shenzhen International Certification travelled to Lesotho, in order to evaluate the project as well as the use of stoves and to issue the required report. Overall, the team visited 60 households together with the auditor. Users were happy about the visit and reported with satisfaction about the new technology. Beneficiaries stated to use the Save80 stoves two to three times a day on average. User Tlhola cooks additionally water in the evenings, which she keeps overnight in the supplied heat retaining Wonderbox. ‘Since I am using the Save80 stove I can sleep one hour longer in the morning and the kids have direct access to hot water for washing and drinking ', reports Tlhola. Auditor Feng could not find any discrepancies compared to the previously collected data of the local project partner and confirmed in the final audit report the accuracy of the calculated CO2 reductions.

The next verification of the project will take place in spring 2017. The Lesotho project is funded by Deutsche Post DHL Group. The company uses the CO2 reduction certificates for their climate-friendly shipping service under the GoGreen program.

More information about the project can be found at the atmosfair Project site or at the GoGreen page of Deutsche Post DHL Group.